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Book Review: The Biophilia Effect by Clemens G. Arvay

 | Published on 11/27/2019

The Biophilia Effect - by Clemens G. Arvay

Review by Sharon Moore-Lambert

Nov 18, 2019

"The Biophilia Effect - A scientific and spiritual exploration of the healing bond between humans and nature" shares scientific research (minimal, but that's ok), nature activities, interviews, and personal stories that make an interesting read.

In particular I enjoyed the personal stories which humanised the discussion on why we need nature in our lives. There is not much presented in the way of scientific research as mentioned above, but there are plenty of spiritual explorations and some great points throughout the book which really get you thinking.

Nature plays an important role in our well being, gardens are great for everyone (all ages and all abilities), and a stroll through the forest is great for your immune system. Simple as that. Take the spiritual exploration parts of the book as you will - and if you are looking for a science based read, this book will not be for you.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Biophilia Effect". It was easy to read, super interesting and for me it was affirming what I already knew - nature is great for our spiritual, mental and physical well being.

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