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Workshop - Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture, Sydney, February 2020

 | Published on 3/6/2020

28th February, 2020
Camperdown Commons

Intro to TH Sydney Feb 2020

Once again we were blessed with fabulous weather for our first Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture workshop for 2020 at Camperdown Commons.

The facilitators, Jacquie and Sharon, started with a short meditation which allowed us to let go of the past week and to settle and focus on the day.

The workshop is designed as a ‘taster’ to provide information for attendees as to exactly what Therapeutic Horticulture is in practice and the difference between it and Horticulture Therapy.

Sharon and Jacquie gave some moving insights derived from their own practice of HT and lead participants through the design of a program and issues to think about including risk analysis and work safety.

The adaptive tools presentation is always fun as each participant is given tool and is then asked to explain what they might be for.

This session also demonstrated how you can re-purpose common items found around the home to make a gardening tool more useful for someone lacking the ability to grip a handle for example.

Practical workshops included designing a program based on three scenarios; seed planting and sorting; how to conduct a reminiscence activity using sensory plants and an exercise to understand how it feels to be visually impaired.

In the discussion following that activity, everyone had a much greater appreciation for people with a sensory deprivation and what that might mean in terms of designing an activity or a program using TH principles.

As always, the ambience of Camperdown Commons proved to be stimulating for our learning, as did the amazing food provided.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to Jacquie and Sharon for a stimulating and fun day.

We are planning another Sydney workshop soon to happen in the Northern Suburbs - stay tuned!

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